Youth Rowing Programs

The Spring 2021 season will begin Monday, January 4 and will end after the Youth National Championship in June for those who qualify.
How can I determine what age group my rower will be in for this rowing year 2020-2021?

Teams are divided into age groups designated with U for Under, for example U17 is a rower will not be 17 on Dec 31, 2021. So if you child is 14 and their birthday is Feb 10, 2021 then they would be considered U17 because they will turn 15 during the Spring season of 2021. We will go off of the age they will be in 2021 for the full rowing year starting this Fall.


Ages 15 - 18 as of Dec 31, 2021
Spring Schedule:
M, T, W, TH ,F 3:45 - 6:30 p, Sat 7:30 - 10:30 a
Cost: $256/mo Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May OR $1280 Paid In Full


Ages 9 - 14 as of Dec 31, 2021
Spring Schedule:
U15: M, W, F 4:30 - 7 p, Sat 8:30 - 11:30 am
Cost: $180/mo Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May OR $900 Paid In Full

Junior Rowing Registration

Steps to complete registration for Spring 2021:

Open and review the Youth Rowing Intro PowerPoint


If you were a member in the Fall season:

1. Set up payments for the Spring or pay in full. Once this step is complete your rower will be added to Spring 2021 in iCrew.

2. Update documents and waivers 

If you were not a member in the Fall following the following steps:

1: Become a member of iCrew. Visit iCrew and download the app to your phone. Club code: tcrc. *Parent makes an account and joins the parents group for communication. 


2: Set up payments for the Spring or pay in full. Once this step is complete your rower will be added to Spring 2021 in iCrew.

3: Read and complete the following:


- USRowing Membership - Become a member or renew and sign the waiver. Keep track of your member ID, username and password. Club code is LC9QZ.

Complete Forms and send a scan to

Forms to be completed each year:

Release of Liability

Medical Authorization (Notarized)

School Physical:

High School FHSAA Physical

Middle School Physical

Forms to be completed one time only:

Swim Test 

Rowing Angels Fund and Financial Aid

We realize that the above dues can be steep for some families. Rowing is an expensive sport, but as a community organization, we try hard to include everyone.

Rowing Angels Fund and Financial Assistance

This year we are starting a Rowing Angels Fund to raise money that will directly impact accessibility of rowing to lower-income families. The club will be hosting fundraisers each year but also will require donors. These monies will only be used for scholarships. Each session we will base the level of award per family on the amount of money we currently have to give in the account.


To donate via paypal please click here, and make sure to add a note “Rowing Angels Fund”. All donations are tax-deductible.


How to Request Financial Assistance


  1. Email financial assistance request to

  2. Complete application and submit tax documents following the instructions on the form.

  3. If approved the award will be based upon need and money available per session.

  4. Submit application within 10 days of the start of each season.


  • Financial need

  • Rowers GPA must be 3.0 or higher

  • Display a strong desire to be part of the Juniors program

  • Additional volunteer hours from the rower and family will be required