Regatta Results

2019 FSRA Sculling and Sweep Championships 
Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota FL

April 12-13 and 27-28, 2019


Head of the South

Augusta, GA

Nov. 10, 2018

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2x State Champs and Bronze for the Treasure Coast Juniors


The Treasure Coast Juniors competed this past weekend at the Florida State Sweep Championships in Sarasota. The two day regatta hosted 42 clubs from around the state. Last year the Juniors Freshman Girls 4+ became the first crew to ever win a State Championship for the club.


This year the Men’s Freshman 4+ became the first men’s crew to get a state medal for the club, coming in 3rd. These young men had to battle for this medal as the field was deep and the crews didn’t give this up easily.


As the day progressed, the Men’s Varsity 2- came across the line first in one of the closest finishes imaginable. Treasure Coast battled Stewards Foundation until the very end of the 1500 meter course, winning GOLD by 0.010 seconds!


The club has been working hard over the past years to develop the 8+’s on the girls side of the team, with the rowers averaging 9 rowing sessions per week preparing for this weekend in hopes to finally win the State Championship. In an impressive final, the Women’s Junior 8+ came out swinging with boats stacked until the 500 meter mark. But in the end it was Treasure Coast who pressed out in front and in the end finished with an open water lead on Capital City to win GOLD.


GOLD Boys Varsity 2-

Haven Rose, 12th, MCHS

Trenton Bulten, 12th, MCHS


GOLD Girls Junior 8+

Gigi Dunn, 10th, JBHS

Baylee Slone, 10th, MCHS

Taylor Sanders, 10th, MCHS

Mackenzie Abbott, 10th, Clark

Grace Ragland, 10th, MCHS

Samantha Tolton, 11th, SFHS

Elize Starr, 11th, Fort Pierce Central

Morgan Scott, 10th, JBHS

Katie Rosenberg, 10th, MCHS


BRONZE Boys Freshman 4+

Brandon Sanetz, 8th, Hidden Oaks Middle School

Zachary Tucker, 9th, Homeschool

Jonathan Topley, 9th, South Fork High School (SFHS)

Lucas Guaglardi, 9th, Martin County High School (MCHS)

Justin DeVito, 9th, MCHS


6th Girls Varsity 2-

Aislinn Widmeier, 12th, South Fork High School (SFHS)

Evelyn Flaugh, 12th, Jensen Beach High School (JBHS)


7th Boys Junior 4+

Sam Millner, 11th, JBHS

Blake Pegrum, 11th, MCHS

Colin O’Connor, 10th, SFHS

Justin Woods, 11th, MCHS

Corey Gardner, 10th, JBHS


10th Girls Freshman 4+

Annika Tucker, 8th Homeschool

Emily Cooper, 9th, MCHS

Brooke Bulten, 9th, MCHS

Liz Rightler, 9th, MCHS

Isabella Yukna, 9th, SFHS


14th Girls Varsity 4+

Faiza Ahmed, 12th, Pine School

Elizabeth “Sommer” Smith, 12th, MCHS

Madeline Schroeder, 12th, JBHS

Shannon Major, 12th, MCHS

Ana Gabriela Alvarez, 12th, JBHS

Juniors 3rd in State for Junior and Freshman Girls 2x


This past weekend the Treasure Coast Junior Rowing Team competed at the FSRA Sculling State Championships in Sarasota, FL at the world renown Nathan Benderson Park which hosted the World Rowing Championships last September.


Traditionally this regatta is two days in duration, but with inclement weather threatening the Finals on Sunday, the decision was made to shorten the format to one day, giving the athletes only one chance in the heats to make it to finals.


8 out of the 9 crews made it out of heats that morning into the finals later on in the day on Saturday. The Girls Junior 2x (double) and the Girls Freshman 2x smoked the competition coming in 3rd winning the Bronze medals. The Girls Junior 2x was stroked by Baylee Slone, a 10th grade student at Martin County High School and was bowed by Samantha Tolton an 11th grade student at South Fork High School. The Freshman 2x was stroked by Liz Rightler and bowed by Brooke Bulten, who both attend Martin County High School.


The team is now set to compete at the FSRA Sweep State Championships on April 28 and 29 back at Nathan Benderson Park.



3rd Girls Freshman 2x

3rd Girls Junior 2x

5th Girls Junior 1x

5th Girls Lightweight 1x

6th Boys Varsity 4x

8th Boys Freshman 4x

8th Boys Lightweight 2x

8th Girls Junior 4x

Treasure Coast Junior Rowing Team, 10x SE District Champions!


It was a beautiful and warm day at Canal 54 and Sebastian River’s Boathouse in Fellsmere this past Saturday, April 7. All rowers have been preparing for months for this day, the chance to be the fastest on the water against our fellow district crews.


With a South cross wind against the banks of the canal, the crews raced fiercely and brought home 10 1st Place finishes!


Next weekend at the FSRA Sculling States Championships in Sarasota, the Sculling lineups will go head-to-head against all the crews in the State.



GOLD Freshman 2x

GOLD Freshman 4+

GOLD Junior 1x

GOLD Junior 2x

GOLD Junior 4x

GOLD Junior 4+

GOLD Junior 8+

GOLD Lightweight 1x

GOLD Lightweight 4x

SILVER Varsity 2-

BRONZE Varsity 4+



GOLD Varsity 2-

SILVER Freshman 2x

SILVER Freshman 4x

SILVER Junior 4+

SILVER Varsity 4x

SILVER Mixed Middle School 8+


1st place Girls Freshman 4+

Coxswain - Gigi Dunn, JBHS

Stroke - Baylee Slone, MCHS

3 seat - Taylor Sanders, MCHS

2 seat - Morgan Scott, JBHS

Bow - Brooke Stern, MCHS



4th Place - Boys Varsity 2-

Stroke - Gavin Smiley 

Bow - Gabe Kammel- O'Donnell


5th Place - Girls Varsity 2-

Stroke - Aislinn Widmeier, 11th SFHS

Bow - Evie Flaugh, 11th JBHS


5th Place - Boys Freshman 4+

Coxswain - Jordyn Golden, MCHS

Stroke - Joe Nehme, JBHS

3 seat - Colin O'Connor, SFHS

2 seat - Corey Gardner, LPA

Bow - Tristan Kolos, JBHS

Petite Final Finishes

1st Place - Girls Junior 8+

Coxswain - Faiza Ahmed, Pine School

Stroke - Sami Tolton, 10th SFHS

7 seat - Madeline Schroeder, 11th JBHS

6 seat - Sommer Smith, 11th MCHS

5 seat - Brooke Bartenfelder, 11th MCHS

4 seat - Ana Gabriela Alvarez, 11th JBHS

3 seat - Shannon Major, 11th MCHS

2 seat - Samantha Sytsema, 10th MCHS

Bow - Jordan Blair, 11th MCHS

5th Place - Boys Varsity 4+

Coxswain - Jordyn Golden, 9th MCHS

Stroke - David Lovelace, 12th SFHS

3 seat - Phillip Roberts, 12th JBHS

2 seat - Devon Richards, 10th JBHS

Bow - Brandon Collins, 10th JBHS