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The Master's Membership program is for both adults and college students and includes the following benefits:

  • Full 24/7 access to the boathouse and equipment

  • Discounted pricing on coached sessions

  • Meet new people and row team boats

  • Eligible to use rack space for your equipment (extra fee)

  • Eligible to compete with TCRC at Regattas throughout the year

  • Eligible for election to the TCRC Board of Directors at the Annual Member Meeting

Short Term Pricing







Short Term Membership Info:

We are excited to offer day and week passes for skilled rowers. The pass will give you access to our boathouse and the use of our club equipment. You must be over 18 years old to purchase a short term membership.


Steps to purchase a day, week or month pass:

Email Stefanie Falkner at with the following information:

  1. Name or names of all rowers

  2. Date(s) you are requesting access

  3. Years of experience sculling

You will receive a response within 24 hours with the next step which will be to set up a time to meet at the boathouse for a tour, reviewing the club equipment and waterways. You can also be set up to row with our current adult members. 


Each rowers will be required to sign a liability waiver and payment will be accepted up front by check, cash or by credit card (fees apply).

Annual Pricing




Paid Yearly


Paid Yearly

(Only 1 person)

(+1 Member added)

Annual Membership Info:

Becoming a member of TCRC is the best choice you can make for yourself. Just for $600/yr you can enjoy the scenic St. Lucie River any day and any time. The membership fee includes equipment usage, all you have to do is reserve your boat using our iCrew app. The masters (adult rowers) get together monthly for socials and weekly for group rows on Saturday mornings. If you and your spouse would like to join together the cost is only $100 more! 

To get started with your membership application please email Stefanie Falkner, Director of Rowing at with the following information:


  1. Name(s) of applicants

  2. Date and time you can meet for a tour

  3. Years of experience sculling; if you do not have any rowing experience then you can still buy a membership but you will not be allowed to take boats our by yourself until you are checked out by a coach. You can make an appointment for private lessons to start learning.

  4. Boat storage request - if you own a single we do have rack space outside and inside the boathouse but space is limited and there is a waiting list for the inside spaces. Please list any boats you are interested in storing. Additonal storage fees apply.

You will receive a response within 24 hours. 




What to expect?
Private lessons are 90 min long and are focused on teaching sculling in a single (1x). For beginners, the lesson will start on land with basic grip or how to handle the oars, and time on the rowing machine to learn the phases and sequences of the catch, drive, finish and recovery.


Next, the lesson will progress to the water where you will be in a wider more stable single and the coach will keep you close with a tether so that you can take some strokes and learn how to navigate.


Depending on the person, the coach may decide to let you off the tether and you will then row in the lagoon with pontoons for stability while the coach follows you. It takes a few lessons to get a hang of it but it is well worth the effort, time and money.

Learn by yourself or with a group!

Coached sessions can be individual or you can get your friends and family involved! Learning in a group can be more fun and can hold you accountable for continuing with the learning process. 

What to wear/bring?

Light and not too loose fitness clothes, spandex shorts and wicking materials are recommended. Water bottle, socks, sneakers, crocs to walk the boat into the water, sunglasses, hat or visor as well.

To get started please reach out to Stefanie Falkner, Director of Rowing at Lessons are by appointment.


1x: $80
2x/-: $45 per person
4x/+/-: $35 per person

8+: $30 per person

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