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Summer Camps

TCRC cultivates the sport of rowing by providing adults and youth of all abilities opportunities for personal growth, physical fitness, and camaraderie through competitive and recreational rowing.

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We are excited to host our 14th Annual Summer Camp beginning June 24! 


The focus for the camp will be based upon the skill level of the participant. For instance, if your child has been rowing for a few years and is already on the competitive team Fall and Spring seasons, they will be working on overall fitness, strength, cross training and technical skills on the water in various racing shells with similar skilled crew mates. 


On the other hand, if your child has never rowed before they will start with the basic techniques learning how to scull first and then sweep. Each week will build on the lessons they have learned with the goals of being proficient in both sculling and sweep, erging (rowing machine) technique, and basic lifting principles. 


Due to such an array of skill levels and ages (8 - 18 years), the coaches will be putting the kids into groups so that they feel challenged and comfortable. By the end of the Summer our goal is that your child to be excited to continue rowing for the Fall which begins August 5.


Steps to register for Summer Camp:

1. Complete this form

2. Download the iCrew rowing app and make 1) an account for your child  and 2) an account for you the parent

3. Pay online for the number of weeks you have selected

4. Sign the online waiver


*Once you have paid, your rower will be added to the roster for summer camp on the iCrew app and their account on the iCrew app will show the sessions they are suppose to attend.

If they cannot attend they or you can log into their account and mark themselves as not attending, this way we can make boats for camp before hand and know how many kids to expect each day.

If there is inclement weather we will use iCrew messaging to email you before the practice to cancel about 30 minutes before hand. We can row in rain and wind up to a certain speed but we cannot be outside during lightening.

The schedule for the morning 8 - 10:30 am summer camps:

Monday - Friday, no Saturdays

Week 1: June 24

Week 2: July 8

Week 3: July 15

Week 4: July 22

Camp Pricing:

1 week: $200               
2 weeks: $390  
3 weeks: $580
4 weeks: $770


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