Why do we need support?

Unlike many sports, rowing equipment (racing shells, oars, cox boxes) can cost tens of thousands of dollars. One new Vespoli 8+ will run about $32 - 40,000 and used around $18,000. Oars cost $3,000 for just a set of 8. This means that when we grow by 8-9 kids, we need a boat and a set of oars for them to get on the water.


Additonally, our program strives to be as inclusive as we can by offering financial assistance to our rowing families. Part of our mission is to offer the sport of rowing to all regardless of financial situations.

Your support is crucial. We look forward to you becoming a part of our team.

Our Supporters

Horizon Care Services
COMO Petroleum
Factory Direct
Tri County Golf Cars
Kathy and Nicks Barber Shop
Sports Clips
Sharon Fitzke Re/Max
Florida Retirement Solutions

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