Middle School Rowing Program

Rowing is one of the best sports for a full-body cardio workout, builds muscle and endurance.  It is also a lifelong activity!  Even without water, you can get a workout on the ergometer - erg for short.  Treasure Coast Rowing Club (TCRC) is proud to offer RowKidz, an indoor rowing program for young people that can be implemented in schools’ Physical Education classes.  We look forward to sharing our program with you!


In January 2011, the TCRC Juniors program was formed for students from high schools in Martin, southern St Lucie and northern Palm Beach counties. The Juniors program started with just a few high school students, and is now in its 6th year with over 50 high school and middle school athletes. We are 2017 State Champions and travel the country in pursuit of medals.


Our coaches are US Rowing Level II certified, and have dedicated countless hours to learning our craft.  Head Coach and Program Director Stefanie Falkner is a Certified Personal Trainer, with a B.A. in Nutrition and Exercise Science.  Coach KariAnne Kulig holds a Masters degree in Education, and over a decade of coaching experience in the Boston area.  Coach Chris Kammel brings his experience as a paramedic and knowledge of safety to young rowers.  Coaches Amy Bobryk and Kelly Wyble are fitness trainers with a passion for good health and love to teach young athletes.  Coach Brian Colgan is our newest addition to the coaching staff, and a former US National Team rower.


There are many benefits to rowing, some of which include:  increased fitness, defined muscle tone, cardiovascular improvement, and increased focus.  Competitive rowers are determined, successful, and strong leaders who know what it means to face a task and conquer it.  Rowing on a team builds cooperation, teaches dedication, lasting friendships and memories.  


Indoor rowing can enhance your PE program!  Treasure Coast Rowing Club coaches will come to your school for an hour (or the length of your PE class) to teach the students the basics of the rowing stroke. We have a number of Concept II ergs and will teach proper technique, as well as hold a mini-race for time with flights of students. Ergs can be loaned to a school, and can be used as a warmup for other sports, cross-training, or as a simple tool to build fitness, for students who might need a quiet corner for 5 - 10 minutes.


TCRC is excited to visit your middle school with our RowKidz program, and talk to your students about the opportunity to row on the water.  We accept students in grades 6 - 12, who are curious about this fantastic Olympic sport.  TCRC is located at the base of the Palm City bridge.


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